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Welcome back to another Winter Wonderland Holiday interview. This is Raven Steel and today I am offering a special treat for everyone as my next guest is both a cosplayer and an NPC bikini competitor. This lady competes with her beautiful looks and her chiseled-body on stage. But when she’s not under scrutiny in front of a panel of judges, she’s giving her love and attention to children and inspiring young girls to become their inner hero. She’s well popular on Instagram and across many of the social media sites and if you should ever meet her, her lovely hair and smile will capture your heart. So show your Christmas love and toast your stockings with glee as I welcome this yellow rose of Texas, Ms. Savannah Poison.

Raven: Greetings from the North Ms. Savannah Poison. Welcome to the place where the snow is always white and the traffic is always so delightful.

Poison: Hello Raven. It’s so nice to be doing this Holiday interview with you. 

Raven: Thank you so much. I am grateful you were able to squeeze me like a stocking stuffer between your busy schedule and training.

Poison: No worries. 

Raven: As you may not know before beginning with any of my festive Holiday questions, I offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career. I hope you’ll take these words to heart whenever the world becomes too much to bear and you need that little push to get you back on track. So here goes, “ Whenever you feel less about yourself, try this. Lay down under your Christmas tree to remind everyone that you are a gift”.

Raven: And now, let us open this precious gift and find out all about her. Savannah, would you be so kind and tell us about yourself. 

Poison: Hello everyone. I’m Savannah or better known as realqueenofthejungle on Instagram. I live in the United States, Texas if we are being more specific. 

Raven: Your color hair and color eyes you have?  

Poison: My hair is red and my eyes are green. 

Raven: How tall are you? 

Poison: 5’6

Raven: A warrior’s height!

Raven: Do you have a special talent that no one knows about?  

Poison: I can figure out how to see almost anything in 1-2 tries. 

Raven: Do you speak or write any other languages? 

Poison: My primary language is English, I’m trying to learn ASL. 

Raven: What is your favorite color Bikini when you are competing?

Poison: Green 

Raven: Well, of course, it is Green. It’s the color of Will Power!

Raven: What does Savannah P.  love seeing during this Holiday Season? 

Poison: I love seeing all the Christmas lights 

Raven: What sort of music do you love to listen to?

Poison:  I listen to a little bit of everything. If I’m lifting it’s going to be rock music. 

Raven: Is there a deep-dark secret you have been hiding all these years and now are ready to confess?

Poison: 😂 I research any character I want to cosplay to be sure I not only like the appearance and basic storyline but also to ensure I feel some sort of resonance with the character. 

Raven: What sort of gift would Bikini models love to get in their Christmas Stocking this year? 

Poison: A new competition bikini of course! 

Raven: What are some of your favorite local places you like to visit and enjoy your stay? 

Poison: Since I’m often in the DFW area I had a ton of places pre-pandemic I loved to visit. I love museums and good food. I can’t pick just one place. 

Raven: I’m told you are an animal lover. What sort of animal(s)? 

Poison: I have 2 dogs and LOTS of reptiles. Whether it’s cute fuzzy animals, tarantulas, or even snakes, I love them all. And likely have some of each. 

Raven: I would love to think that your tarantulas influenced you to do Spider-Gwen.

Raven: Are you a physical cosplayer who climbs a mountain for an amazing action picture?

Poison: Yes, I’ve climbed on many things and gotten reprimanded by security guards at cons and shoots for doing so. 

Raven: What came first in your career, Cosplaying, or Modeling? What’s the difference? 

Poison: My first paid gig was traditional modeling. I think personally that cosplay is more fun. I get to create what I want and highlight all my favorite aspects of the character. When I’m modeling in a traditional sense it’s usually up to a photographer. 

Raven: Do characters that are Dark, Bloody, or Gothic interest you doing them or just the cute and sexy ones? 

Poison: I choose my characters based on their storyline and my ability to construct the cosplay. I chose Red Sonja became of her back story and all she overcame. 

Poison: I like Ivy because she’s my favorite DC Villain. Wonder Woman because I grew up watching the Linda Carter reruns and always wanted to grow up and be Wonder Woman. I do have a couple of horror characters on my list, but I can usually only afford to construct 2-3 cosplays a year. 

Raven: Wonder Woman television show was a huge influence.

Raven: What sort of physical exercise gives you the maximum Cuts/Definitions to your body? 

Poison: I hire a coach, Brittany LaNae Bull, she writes all my diets and workouts. Diet and cardio give me the most definition, in that order. 

Raven: What is the first thing people notice about Savannah Poison when they meet you for the first time? 

Poison: Usually my hair or my smile!

Raven: Hired to give gifts to little children, what cosplayer outfit would you wear for that event? 

Poison: Wonder Woman! Kids love to sit and talk with her.

Raven: Do fellow competitors have good sportsmanship with others during competitions or are they just Divas? 

Poison: Every competitor I’ve met has been wonderful. I personally have never had any experience with someone who has displayed poor sportsmanship. 

Raven: So good to hear that.

Raven: Can there ever be a Cosplay-Round during a Bikini competition someday soon? 

Poison: Not likely in the NPC. The IFBB does offer a theme wear part to their competition though which could be considered similar I suppose. 

Raven: Who should control the types of media a cosplayer be allowed, the fans or you?

Poison: Definitely me, no one controls what I do. I cosplay to have fun, not to please others. 

Raven: Have you ever experience any unusual requests (Bet it was Feet)? 

Poison: I once had someone request to “borrow” a lot of my cosplays. Mind you, this was a stranger and they weren’t willing to pay a safety deposit. 

Raven: Is there a candy or dessert you crave during this Holiday season? 

Poison: Reese’s are my favorite candies and of course, the trees are the best. 

Raven: What places, whether indoor/outdoor have you done your photoshoots? 

Poison: I’ve done shoots at cons, parks, wooded areas, a waterfall area, an abandoned warehouse, a gym, and more. 

Raven: Is there any place in the world would you love to do a photoshoot in? 

Poison: I found a cool waterfall area I’d like to shoot in the summer. 

Raven: How have your fans treated Savannah Poison overall? 

Poison: Most have been great and respectful.

Raven: Is high-Heels almost impossible to walk down a runway?

Poison: High heels just take practice. I don’t have any trouble with them. 

Raven: Is there a certain cosplay character wear is your most favorite? 

Poison: Poison Ivy 

Raven: Does your cosplay reflect the type of personality you have or is it the personality of the character you want to become? 

Poison: I used to think this was Ivy, but I feel I resonate more with Sonja overall. 

Raven: Should the type of body women have dictated the sort of cosplayer character they should portray? 

Poison: No, anybody can cosplay any character. Any race, so long as nothing disrespectful is being done, can cosplay any character. Any gender can cosplay any character. 

Raven: Does makeup and or props play a big part in re-creating the character? 

Poison: Yes! I feel like my Sonja and Wonder Woman are incomplete without the prop. 

Raven: Is there anything you are creating right now that will break the internet when you show it? 

Poison: I have a Vampirella in the works.

Raven: What do you miss the most about competition/conventions since the Pandemic? 

Poison: I miss spending time with all the wonderful friends I’ve made through cosplay. 

Raven: Your cosplay characters are both powerful or heroic types of characters. Do you feel you portray that sort of character in real life? 

Poison: I try my best to! 

Raven: If possible to give back all the appreciation your fans provide over the years, what sort of gift would you give them? 

Poison: No gift is one size fits all, but I feel that returning appreciation, especially at cons, through conversation and mutual respect always works well. 

Raven: Sweet!

Raven: Any sort of advice for aspiring models/cosplayers out there? 

Poison: Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to redo a cosplay when you get better at construction. 

Raven: The most important question to ask, Can I get a Hug? 

Poison: I’m happy to give hugs to people at cons as long as they ask first and are respectful.

Raven: Although it’s been said, many times in many ways, I wish you all the best of success, Savannah Poison for allowing me to interview you. May all of you shopping during this Holiday Season be light with markdown sales. 

Poison: Thank you Raven for having me, I appreciate it. 

Raven: If I could ask one more question and ask where can readers find more of you? 

Poison: Thanks for asking, Raven. Here are my sites, 


TikTok as @realqueenofthejungle

Should anyone wish to make a donation or gift, I have a cash app $avannahPoison and a PayPal: 

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