THE POP EXPOSE ‘Remembering Jeremy Bulloch’ by Mitchell Smith!

Another Star Wars legend has passed away. Jeremy Bulloch who played Boba Fett in the Original trilogy passed away Thursday the 17th. Bulloch had a number of rolls over the years including Smithers in the James Bond series and also was involved in the Dr. Who franchise. He also had a cameo in the 2nd and 3rd trilogy of Star Wars. I guess once you are in Star Wars you are in it for life. Bulloch had a nice acting career that started at a young age and went almost 60 years. Like many of the Star Wars cast Bulloch was one whose face was never seen during the movies and he did not speak any lines in the movie.

The costume is almost more important than the actor. The Boba Fett character had to be developed by the way Bulloch moved and positioned his head and body. Bullock did a great job creating one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars franchise. He has created a character that got a back story in the prequel trilogy, and has become a legend in the Mandalorian series.

Like many other Star Wars character, Boba Fett will live on and Bulloch’s memory will live on through the Star Wars character he helped created. Bulloch was a Star Trek fan and he was approached to play Boba Fett by his half-brother Robert Watts, who was a producer on “The Empire Strikes Back”. He took the part and the rest is history. Bulloch appeared to live a humble life appearing in many shows right up till 2017. Rest in Peace Jeremy Bulloch. Are you a fan of Boba Fett in Star Wars? Share your thoughts with us AFTER THE JUMP!

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