My Favorite G.I.Joe From 1982 – Story By Mitchell Smith!

Photo courtesy of 3DJoes.com

Welcome to the Outpost. Back in the day we used to get the Sears and Roebuck catalogue in the fall and me and my brothers would fan through till we got to the G.I. Joe section to see what the new toys where that year. We had dreams of getting a major haul for Christmas but we always appreciate what we got and kept dreaming about what we wanted. Most years the dream never came through but when it did we were all sitting on top of the world. 1982 was probably my best year as everything was new and cool looking. 1987 was my biggest haul for Joes and vehicles and 1988 & 1989 were years I received lots of figures along with my brothers.

Over the years I feel like I pulled in a lot of cool figures and vehicles and I’m picking 1 figure from each year 1982-1994 that I loved the most each year based on figures that I received on that year. Starting in 1982 I had lots of really cool stuff this year . It’s really hard to narrow it down to just one but the M.M.S. was always one of my favorite vehicles and it came with Hawk who had one of my favorite features the visor. Hawk would eventually become the Joe leader but I had already become a fan of him in the Christmas of 82.

The original Line up was relatively simple but each character had his or her own unique design and still is one of my favorite years. Who is your favorite 1982 figure? Make sure to check back for my 1983 figure.


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