THE POP EXPOSE – Top Gun Maverick!

Hello everyone, this week I’m taking a look at Top Gun: Maverick. Growing up in the eighties the original Top Gun was an awesome movie. Those who grew up watching G.I. Joe had a strong pull toward the movie do to the F-14 Tomcat that the Skystriker was based on. The original was done so well with a beautiful mesh of drama and action. My brothers and I used to play Top Gun on our Big Bear ATVs. We used to chase each other around and pretend to blow each other up.

I was not able to get to see the new movie in theaters but I thought this would be a good film to watch in the IMAX theater. Having a sequel 30 years after the original is a bit of a gamble but they nailed it. It’s hard to fill in a large gap but this movie was able to create a backstory for some of the main characters and make it work so well. The movie is full of heart and full of action. Love him or hate him Tom Cruise is funny, intense, and really delivers a performance with eighties heart. I enjoyed every moment from start to finish and even though they tossed in lots of references in from the original movie they did it subtly that fans got it but it wasn’t shoved down our throats.

This is a great movie and a great sequel equal to the original. If you have been waiting to watch it and love the original, don’t wait any longer. Go watch it. Have a great week everyone.


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