‘My G.I.Joe World’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. I hope everyone is doing well and making normalcy out of crazy times. This is why I try and enjoy my G.I. Joe world. It takes me away to simpler times, battles my brothers and friends and trying to set up scenes like they did in the commercials. The early stuff 1982-1985 was very limited on what I had. My front yard was all sand, like beach sand. So my friend and I would set up a full sheet of plywood on sawhorses and shovel sand on top of it.

Then we would build roads and bases for the few vehicles we had. My one friend would come over with his Awe Striker and I would chase him with my Vamp. It didn’t matter they were both Joe vehicles. I’m not sure we even put are figures in the vehicle. I guess we were smarter then we knew keeping them out of the sun and sand. It wasn’t about what we had or who had more. It was simple and the reward of having 1 vehicle was a chance to have some good clean time with friends and family.

There were so many awesome figures and vehicles created over the years. As kids the bonds created through G.I. Joe is hard to explain, but everyone here probably understands. It was a way of life, we wanted Joe merchandise, we watched the cartoon, and we read the comics. Now today I have made friends trading, sharing pics and stories. It’s still a relaxing hobby and nice when you can help someone find that one Joe they have always wanted. What are some of your Joe memories? What do you like to collect? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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