“Remembering Richard Moll: The Legendary Bull from Night Court and His Impact on Television”

Story by Mitchell Smith

Hello everybody. We lost another great this week. Richard Moll born in 1943 in Pasadena, CA and passed away Friday the 26th 2023. Best known as Bull on the original Night Court he towered over the rest of the cast at 6’8”. I loved Bull on night court he was always so professional, standing guard so seriously then he would crack a joke that would make you belly laugh.

Moll did a great job bringing that character to life. Among this Moll made several appearances in other shows such as Welcome Back Kotter, Happy Days, B.J. and the Bear(Great show), Buck Rogers, Alice, Dukes, A-Team, Batman animated series, Baywatch, Married with Children, Double Dare (that was a great episode), Smallville, and Scooby Doo to name a few. His work is wide spread and he was such a huge part of television. Moll started out on the big screen though in 1977, (a year a couple other phenomenons happened), in the movie Brigham as Joseph Smith.

He was also in several other movies such as Flintstones, Loaded Weapon 1, and Scary Movie 2. Moll was a great performer, funny comedian, and a gentle giant. He will be missed in the Hollywood community and I know I missed his character in the reboot of Night Court. His memory will live on in his work. RIP Mr. Moll.


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