Supernatural Season #1 – A Fan’s Take!

Season one of Supernatural was slow but paced very steady. As we all know, Mary the mother of the Winchester brothers died when Dean was a little child and Sam was a baby. She died by the demon they called “yellow eyes”. The dad has a set mind on killing the demon that killed Mary. He doesn’t yet know why he had killed her or why he was in Sams nursery. In season one we learn that Sam had ran off to go to school and get an education.

Sam just wanted to have a life of his own with his girlfriend Jessica, and to be in Law. Dean was dad’s number one, Dean always did as his dad said and when their dad went missing on a hunting trip, Dean conned Sam into hunting with him to try to find their dad. Jessica ended up dying the same way as Mary did. Sam didn’t know that they were connected at first, but they are. Sam and Dean are hunting part time, and fighting part time. They have bad family issues that they never truly work out and that is why they are always arguing, one of the main fights in season one is the fact that Sam never truly had a relationship with either parent. 

He gets aggravated with Dean because he follows his father with a blind eye and no explanations, but that isn’t completely his fault. Dean was the one that had to watch out for Sam, and he still seeks to fulfill that journey of keeping Sam safe and okay, but doesn’t know how to do it quite yet. Sam gets visions throughout the season about deaths or tragedy’s that would be either happening or about to happen, and Dean started to get really worried because he did not know what was causing the visions, and didn’t know how to deal with that. The visions were because Sam had demon blood inside him from yellow eyes when he was just a baby, also the night that Mary died. Mary had gotten in the way of what “yellow eyes” was trying to accomplish therefore, she died on the ceiling in a fire, just as Jessica did when Sam was on a hunt with Dean. Meg is a demon working for yellow eyes trying to manipulate Sam into coming with her to yellow eyes, but Sam goes back to Dean to keep him safe. 

Meg is keeping yellow eyes updated on the Winchesther brothers, and they have demons keeping eyes on them at all times while they are out on hunts throughout the season. Dean also keeps trying to keep in contact with John throughout the season because he just keeps relying on his dad to tell him what to do, to keep him in line and to keep him going. Sam throughout the season does his best to keep Dean in line. The brothers work together to try to find yellow eyes the killer of bother Mary and Jessica, as they are also trying to track down there father, because he disappeared with no warning. At the end of the season they meet Bobby Singer, which will help them along their way and be a father figure to them and take care of them. 

PS Can’t forget about the car, Dean calls it baby, it used to be there fathers and will carry them to and fro all there adventures throughout the series.

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