G.I.Joe Half The Battle 

Exploring the G.I. Joe Cobra Earthquake Vehicle from the Early 1990s | Half The Battle

On this week’s episode of Half The Battle, I discuss the G.I. Joe Cobra Earthquake vehicle from the early 1990’s! Be sure and join in the conversation in the comments below. And as always be sure and like share and subscribe to my YouTube channel if that’s your thing!

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G.I. Joe Classified G.I.Joe 

Hasbro Unboxes The New G.I. Joe Classified ‘Stinger’ and unveils Nemesis Immortal in New #YoJoeJune Video!

It is definitely an exciting time to be a G.I. Joe fan. On today’s HasbroPulse livestream the G.I. Joe team has given us a detailed unboxing of the upcoming Classified Cobra Stinger Jeep, as well as a surprise sneak peek at Nemesis Immortal. Check out the video below and share your thoughts with us on these offerings in the comments!

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Exploring the Evolution of the Cobra Eel Action Figure

Story By Mitchell Smith Welcome to The Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at the G.I. Joe Cobra Eel. One thing is for sure whether you are an old school Joe fan, a new fan, or middle of the road fan, the 1980s Joes were all pretty awesome. One of the coolest figures in 1985 was the Cobra Eel. We already had Torpedo from 1994 and we would soon get Wet-Suit in 1986, so having the Eel was perfect for the underwater battles. I did not have an Eel as…

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