Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at a G.I.Joe vehicle that is under appreciated in my opinion. The 1993 Mudbuster is a vehicle I never hear anything on. This is actually a really cool truck. The Vamp and Awe Striker are 2 molds that have been used time and time again and I think the Mudbuster mold would be really cool in olive green, Tiger Force, or Night Force colors. Even without the roll bars, guns, and the cow catcher on the front this makes a nice…

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Don’t Buy Toys with Guns for your Kids! Op-ed

In today’s highly politically correct society, the issue of whether or not anyone should be allowed to own a gun is a huge deal. This issue is in the top 5 news stories everyday, with people who are both for and against this issue refusing to compromise or budge from their respective positions. An interesting blow back from this argument has made its way to the toy aisle as parents have to decide whether or not they want to purchase toys for their children that either have guns included or…

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