G.I.Joe ‘Night Force’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at the 1988 and 1989 G.I.Joe Night Force figures. These were all pretty cool and I know a lot of the figures had toned down colors that were very popular and still are to collectors today. I did not have any Night Force stuff as a kid but I have a lot of them now. 88 had some really cool figures. Crazy Legs, Falcon, Outback, Psyche Out, Sneak Peek, and Tunnel Rat were all nice and anyone who missed the originals…

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Joecon 2013 Night Force Kre-O 6 pack!

Hey all of you Kre-O collectors out their, Joecon has not forgotten about you. This year one of the souvenir offerings is a 6 pack of Kre-O figures based on the Night Force theme. This set includes, Cobra Mortal, 2 S.A.W. Viper’s ,Charbroil, Spearhead and Repeater. Also as an additional Treat, this years Parachute Drop figure at the con is Kre-O Night Force Hit & Run. Check out the full gallery of images below, then join in the Discussion after the JUMP! (Source: Hisstank)

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Joecon 2013 April 4th – 7th!

This year like every other Serpentorslair will be bringing you wire to wire coverage of the annual G.I.Joe Convention. This year the convention is being held in Indianapolis Indiana and our full coverage will begin Tomorrow April 4th. In the meantime below we have posted a gallery of the stellar Convention exclusive action figure set, ‘Nocturnal Fire‘. If you would like to follow along with the news coverage from the Convention as it comes in, you can do so at the link below. Joecon 2013 Official News Coverage

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