The Legend of Zelda 1986 Edition – Story by Mitchell Smith!

1986 Zelda

I had a chance to play one of my favorite video games from my childhood the other day. Zelda was a great game back in 1986 and pretty sure it consumed the better part of my summer of 1987. The Nintendo was relatively still new and Super Mario was a great game that everyone had because it came with the console so, when Zelda came out it gave a whole new dynamic to the NES. You could save your progress on Zelda not like Mario where once you lost you had to start all over again. I had forgotten how much fun Zelda was until my son and I started playing. Being able to collect items to find hidden doorways and treasures was such a great thing. I played Zelda for the Super Nintendo, but I have not played any of the newer systems. 

I loved figuring out where to go and searching for the hidden doors. 1986 was a different time. It took hours of searching and exchanging info with friends to find all the hidden doors. Not like today with cheat books, or simply Googling where to find things. You had to put in the work. Sometimes it was some long boring hours to figure things out, it was trial and error and trying to remember which tree you had already tried burning or what rock you tried blowing up, but once you found something, wow what a feeling. The original is still fun and exciting to play it’s no wonder this was a Nintendo best seller for so many years and the many Zelda games that came after are all inspired by this 1986 version. I can’t wait to download it onto my Wii U and try and figure it all out again. 

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