The POP-EXPOSE ‘A Star Wars Life Lesson’ By Kal-EL!


Today’s article courtesy of Serpentorslair Founder Kal-El!

Whether you are a religious person or not, if you are a fan of Star Wars, you know that there are many life lessons intertwined in the mythos. What can we learn from Star Wars that would help us be better people to each other in real life? Well we could start with the Jedi code of being ‘Selfless’. If we are truly selfless, then we do not spend our time trying to get what is best for ‘ME’ all the time. We don’t focus on our own happiness, but how we can make others happy. We don’t spend all our money on what we think will make ‘ME’ happy, we find out how we can help the less fortunate, how we can extend a helping hand to someone who is suffering.

What else can we learn from the mythos of Star Wars that will make us better people? How about ‘Fear leads to Anger, Anger Leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering. America is griped with fear right now. Fear that someone is going to be discriminated against, fear that someone is going to get some kind of legal justice that someone else is not going to get. Where has that gotten us? Anger and hatred at each other. More anger and more hatred than there has ever been in the history of our Country. What does it serve? It serves the purpose of dividing us so that we can be easily controlled and manipulated. In Star Wars, what was the final deception that drove Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side? Fear that he could not protect the one he loved. But he did not realize that he was simply being manipulated.


Like Darth Sideous manipulating Anakin Skywalker to turn him into Darth Vader, so too is the American Public being manipulated. The people in power in the US are intentionally using social issues to turn us all against each other. They perpetuate the lie that Christians hate Gays. They perpetuate the lie that all whites are racist against Blacks. They perpetuate the lie that everyone that is rich is out to stick it too the poor. They want to constantly keep us all stirred up against each other so we can not see the bigger picture. The big picture that while we are all busy arguing and fighting with each other on social media, they are taking away all of our freedoms. One day we will wake up and we will not have any privacy, any freedom of choice, any freedom to own private property. And all we will be left with is each other to survive against the Government. Will our ‘so called Hatred’ still be important then?


When the Galactic Empire walked in and took over the Republic to thunderous applause nobody was there to stop it. And we know how that ended up. Don’t allow yourself to be easily manipulated. Once you loose your focus on what is really going on, and focus on how offended you are, or how you are more important than the person next to you, its too late.

Mabee we should take a moment, step back, and really think about how important our hatred is how important our anger is. In the end if all you have is Anger, all you really have is NOTHING!

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