THE POP EXPOSE ‘MLB Opening Day 2019’ By Mitchell Smith!

Baseball season is here!

Baseball season is upon us. The oldest sport in the US has lost its luster a bit in recent years, but it will always hold a special spot in my heart. I started watching baseball in the late 80’s when the Oakland Athletics had great team, with guys like Jose Canseco, Rickey Henderson, and Dennis Eckersley to name a few. Me living in the sticks our TV channels were limited and in the early 90’s one of the only stations I got that played sports was TBS. 

So I got a steady diet of the Atlanta Braves. It was easy to fall in love with them, they had so many good players and magical moments. From the moment Sid Bream rounded 3rd and came home for the win I was hooked. Then they had such great starting pitchers. Smoltz, Glavine, and Maddox were my 3 favorites. I have MLB on the Super NES and I always play with the Braves. Love those staple guys from that period like Blauser, Lemke, Otis Nixon, Justice, Gant, Pendleton, and the Crime Dog. Since the Braves lost to the Yankees, I got busy and haven’t followed baseball that close. 

I have to see which way i will lean this year, our Syracuse AAA team just got bought by the New York Mets, so if they work out I’ll probably become half a Mets fan, and go watch a little farm play. I’m hoping Tim Tebow will help make the Syracuse Mets popular around here, it would be great for the area. Hopefully this will be a great baseball season all around. I would love to get back into following baseball and be able to sit through a game and not lose interest.

Are you excited about the 2019 Major League Baseball Season getting underway? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!


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