THE POP EXPOSE – ‘Remembering John Madden’ Story by Mitchell Smith!

Today we lost one of the most iconic sports figures of the modern era. John Madden has been a household name over the past 5 decades. Madden who started coaching in the sixties was best known for being the Oakland Raiders head coach in the seventies. When Madden retired from coaching he went into broadcasting and would become one of the most iconic voices of the eighties and nineties, and into the 2000.

You know you hit it big when Frank Caliendo does a perfect impression of you. And of course anyone who grew up play Techmo Bowl on the NES would have went out and got one or several of the Madden football games for SNES or other game consoles. I just loved Madden calling games. He just had a great knowledge for the game and his voice is so unique and recognizable.

I still own a few Madden games for the SNES, one for the 64, and 1 for the Switch. Outside of football anyone I have ever listened to that knew Madden or just briefly met him said he is a standup guy. Madden who was 85 will never be replaced and never be forgotten. He will be in the history books thousands of years from now. RIP Mr. Madden your legacy will be in my heart forever.

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