THE POP EXPOSE ‘Top Quarterbacks’ by Mitchell Smith!

Super Bowl Sunday, a long season and it all comes down to 1 game to be crowned champs. There have been some great teams over the years and players that have been unmatched even by today’s modern game. One position that gets the most recognition and has produced so many household names is the quarterback position. There have been so many great quarterbacks over the years and we all know Tom Brady has a million Super Bowls under his belt and has won half of them so you’re too successful for my list Brady bye bye pretty boy. There have been many successful QBs including Y.A. Tittle, Joe Namath, Fran Tarkenton, Bart Star, Drew Brees, Troy Aikman, Elway, Otto, Staubach, Rogers, Unitas, Moon, Rivers, Warner, Bradshaw to name a few and, Goff and Mahomes who should be there someday if they hold up. Ok So my list might not all be at the top but these are 10 greats that have made my person favorites list.

Drew Bledsoe, played for the Patriots in the 90’s. I grew up watching him and playing Madden on the SNES with him and the only NFL jersey I own his Bledsoe’s. I was fortunate enough to go watch the Pats play the Giants back in the mid 90’s and I was able to get his autograph right before he got on the bus to head back to New England. Not that he should be slighted for not getting a Super Bowl ring, but he was a great quarterback and is one of my all time favorites.

Steve Young, another 90’s guy played for the 49ers. He took over for Joe Montana another one of my favorites so I instantly fell in love with Young. He had the left hand rocket and is one of the all time greats in History. He was fun to watch and still does commentating. 

Peyton Manning, best known for his NationWide commercials (well he does a pretty good job on them anyways), Manning was very successful in leading the Colts to Super Bowl wins, and building a franchise. He was a masterpiece to watch and just new the game so well. I hope he goes into commentating some day. 

Jim Kelly, was at the head of all four Super Bowl losses for the Buffalo Bills, although they were never able to put together that one magical game, Kelly did lead them to 4 straight Super Bowls. A feat only accomplished by the Bills. It was sad he never got a Super Bowl but you can’t take away the success he had. 

Frank Reich, was QB for the biggest comeback ever in NFL history. He was back up to injured Jim Kelly when the Houston Oilers lead by Warren Moon jumped out to 28-3 lead in the first half of the 1992 wild card playoff game. Reich mounted the comeback and the Bills won in OT. The miracle comeback allowed them to reach a 3rd straight Super Bowl. Not bad for a backup QB. 

Dan Marino, was just a fun player to watch and he was so good but just couldn’t ever get to that great point of winning a Super Bowl. He carried the Dolphins franchise and I always wished he could have gotten one, but he went on to commentate and has been successful at that.

Brett Favre, well what can you say about Favre. Playing all those years in the frozen tundra, what a rock he was. I remember in the ladder part of his career he ran the ball dove in the air and was flipped around every which way but loose to get the touchdown, got right back up and was ready for the next play. He was a tough and gritty player and just knew how to get the job done and win games.

Joe Montana, was my favorite QB growing up. He is one of the top all time quarterbacks and when I first got into football it was something heard multiple times “Montana to Rice”. He was just one of those guys you couldn’t help falling in love with and he was fun to watch and was just so good. He was a master at the short game and just knew how to win, it sure helped having a receiver like Rice but he was just a master behind the line.

Matt Stafford, what a franchise guy he is. Sorry he is stuck in Detroit. Stafford is a great player and tough as nails. I’ve seen a few highlight where he just got leveled and stood right back up like it was nothing. I hope he doesn’t get trapped like Barry Sanders did and end up with never getting a chance at making it close to the grand stage. If there is anyone that deserves at least a shot at a Super Bowl I think it’s Stafford.

Last but not least Jim McMahon was the face of the 1985 Bears. I felt that McMahon and the Bears popularized the NFL and sling shot the NFL into the mainstream and into the juggernaut that it has become today. It was more than just a game it was pop culture with their signature win in the Super Bowl and although it was just McMahon in the spotlight on their hit the Super Bowl Shuffle he and the entire Bears right down to the big guy Ditka himself the Bears were a pop sensation and McMahon was right there in the forefront and lead his Bears to one of the most lopsided games in Super Bowl history. 

So anyhow this is my all time favorites list and I’m sure you all have your favorite QB and your least favorite in the same respect. I appreciate every QB in the NFL though, this is one of the hardest positions to be successful at and they are under the microscope constantly, so in my eyes they are all heroes to the game. So either way whether you are routing for the Rams today or the Rams LOL, I hope it’s a great game and let’s sit back and watch the old man against the kid. Good luck to your team.

Who are your favorite all time NFL Quarterbacks? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP!


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