THE POP EXPOSE ‘WandaVision’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Happy Sunday everyone. Last weekend I had a chance to binge watch WandaVision and I am so far digging this show. The show starts out in a 1950s setting and takes us through decade by decade through the first 7 episodes. The show hired Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany to reprise the Scarlett Witch and Vision rolls from the Marvel movie series.

The first seven episodes are very interesting. There are a lot of Marvel Easter eggs throughout the show. There are also a ton of T.V. references in general and basically we take a time train through the history of television. All the while they are taking content from the comics and bringing it alive. I couldn’t help think of what might have been going through Stan Lee’s mind when he wrote this stuff. I think we sometimes forget how brilliant Lee was. He built this huge universe, incorporated all these different characters and worlds, and kept it all straight. Over all this is a great series and I can see this running for a while.

This ties in directly to the Marvel movies so it is interesting to me what they can do with not only series like WandaVision, but the potential to tell some very interesting stories of many different characters and have them all come together in one large universe. I think the most interesting thing about the series is 70 years of TV progression, 70 years of evolution of our society, and the progression of Wanda and Vision’s relationship. If you have not checked this out yet it is definitely worth it. If you have not watched many Marvel movies I suggest you get binge watching.


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