G.I.Joe ‘2016 Vehicles’ By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today we are discussing 2016 G.I.Joe Vehicles. This was a weak year and all vehicles were convention exclusives. The Air assault Glider Alpha, Bravo, are just repainted versions of the original. The Cobra Hydra is a blue version of the 2003 Sky Sweeper. The Autobot Powerglide is a really cool looking Rattler.

This is red and looks like it should be a Crimson jet. The Cobra Jump and The Sky Patrol Jump are simple repaint jet packs. Soundwave is a cool looking Hiss with opening side compartments. This one looks pretty awesome and would have been nice as a retail vehicle. The Sky Patrol Sky Striker and The Sky Patrol Sky Sweeper are both silver vehicles that look awesome.

I love the Sky Patrol and it would have been nice to get some vehicles for them but then again it would have been nice to get a lot of the figures at retail as well. Over all there were some nice vehicles but again no retail so I did not get any of these. This was a good year to hunt down vehicles from past years on eBay as well as Comic book stores, that seemed to be popping up all over my area. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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