Transformers Combiner Wars Rodimus and Skywarp Revealed!


Two characters that we might not have expected to be part of the upcoming Transformers Combiner Wars line have emerged. Check out the early images of Transformers Combiner Wars Rodimus and Skywarp below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


The collage of character art seen prior to the UK Toy Fair tipped us off to the existence of a Legends Rodimus from the Blackjack mold, and today we have confirmation and pictures! Autobase Aichi has dug up listings from Hasbro’s German website showing us Legends Rodimus, and Legends Skywarp, the anticipated fourth use of the Starscream mold. Rodimus features new sculpting for the face, and while the package shot confirms him as part of a combiner group, unfortunately which one is still unknown apart from the team being identified with a silver stripe. Click through to check out the pictures!


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