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You know when you get that feeling at the bottom of your throat and you can’t breath and you think you are going to cry? Evocation of emotion/ My throat hurts. There are so many instances in Wonder Woman you will get that feeling your throat will hurt too.

There are some pretty powerful messages in the film. Messages that when experienced by an outsider, a person not familiar with your every day cozy existence, will shake you up and make you think about some things. Wonder Woman is that kind of film.
Beautifully shot, with some amazing scenes of Amazonian prowess.
We get not just an origin, a fish out of water film we get what I will say is the best DC movie I have seen since Christopher Reeve wore those red boots to stop man from destroying the world.
Entertainment Earth
Batman movies pale in comparison.The trailer for Justice League that is attached to Wonder Woman looks pale and wane.There are several beautiful cinematic moments in Wonder Woman. A vast majority of the movie could be made into a poster.One of the best moments is when Steve Trevor is in the trenches and Diana wants to help the people in the small town nearby.

Steve says that these men have been fighting for 18 months and not gained an inch. Side note. Trench warfare has to be one of the poorest methods of fighting since the days pre-Revolutionary war when troops walked their lines into each other.

Back to the film. Tying in WW1 sensibilities and attitudes, excuse me platitudes towards women, and the shock when Diana does things that women of that day just did not do is humorous and telling at the same time. Patty Jenkins needs to be given high marks for creating a well written , well thought out, entertaining, visually pleasing film. The writing is solid and the dialogue is performed masterfully by the actors.

Speaking of the actors, I guess my only complaint of the film would be I could not help picturing Captain Kirk working with Wonder Woman in the teens. Maybe he was in a transporter accident or something and traveled through time. Again.

Chris Pine is unmistakably Chris Pine.

Gal Gadot is a knockout and her accent and mannerisms bring this character to life with vigor. One character actor you may notice is Ewen Bremner I instantly recognized him from his role in Pearl Harbor. Said Taghmaoui has a line about acting that will make you nod your head. You will recognize him even if you tried to forget him, as Breaker from GIJOE Rise of Cobra. Eugene Brave Rock also has a poignant line about Steve Trevor. Elena Anaya plays Dr. Maru, a villain that Wonder Woman fans will know well. She emotes with her eyes and does not need to speak to act. Great performance.

Overall Wonder Woman, despite its ties in the prologue and epilogue to the dreadful Batman vs Superman and what looks to be disappointing Justice League, was a film that DC and Warner Brothers should sit up and take notice, because it is the model they need to use to mold future DCU films.

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