Welcome to the Outpost. Many G.I. Joe fans feel 85 was the hey day for the franchise. I love 85, but 1986 was the first year I got figures and vehicles that were mine. Even though my brother and I always shared it was still nice to say this one is mine. My older brother bought Wet-Suit on a trip to Canada that year. For Christmas I got Serpentor, Thrasher, and Low-Light.

My brothers also got Sci-Fi, Motor Viper, and Lift-Ticket. Over all we got almost every figure and vehicle this year, minus the Night Ravin which was the only vehicle I really wanted this year. One figure stood out among the rest of this awesome year. Dr Mindbender was just a character I loved and his figure was very unique. Somehow my figure got lost, I think one of my older brothers blew him up or buried him in the back yard, but I was able to buy him again with some birthday money.

I just love this figure. The cape, the mustache, and his bald head made him look like a perfect villain and he has remained a popular character over the years. I loved him in the cartoon and I am happy I had a chance to enjoy this awesome figure as a kid. Who is your favorite 86 figure? Make sure to check back for my favorite 1987 figure.


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