The 10 Worst Avengers Members of All Time?


I recently saw a list online of the 10 worst members of the Justice League and i began thinking. What 10 members of The Avengers really drag the team through the mud. What are the 10 worst members in the history of The Avengers? I came up with a list below. Check it out and feel free to weigh in with your personal opinions after the JUMP!

#10 Wolverine – When did Wolverine end up in every comic and every continuity Marvel has. When the New Avengers launched i was really dissapointed that Wolverine was going to be a member of the team. The guy is not a team player, he barely fits in with the X-Men.

#9 Namor – Like Aquaman in the DC Universe this guy is more of an annoyance than a help. I guess you could at the least call him the Navy of the Avengers, but if you have super powers do you really need an under water guy?

#8 Sentry – I thought this guy was going to be better than Thor when he first appeared, but then, like a couple of issues later the guy is dead. What a waste of a plot and a character.

7. Spider-Man – Again, Much like Wolverine, the guy is not really a team player. His many attempts at teaming up with the Fantastic 4 never seemed to quite work out. And really how exclusive are the Avengers if they let in every major Hero in the Marel Universe.

6. Whizzer – Whether it was the good Whizzer or the bad Whizzer, which Spider-Man handily defeated. This character is such a cheap knock off of Quicksilver. Totally unecessary.

5. Sandman – This has to be a joke right? No, Sandman was actually an Avenger for a short stent. Not sure what in the world the writers were thinking here.

4. Doctor Druid – Having Doctor Strange as an Avenger was weird enough, but why do we need another guy who battles monsters and mesmerizes people. Nough Said

3. Sharon Carter – As an Agent of Shield, Sharon Carter was a fantastic Comic Character. As an Avenger, i was always asking myself, is she here because she is Cappy’s Girlfriend.

2. Daredevil – Just like Wolverine and Spider-Man, not really a team player. While the New Avengers had some great story lines, the plan to merge all of the most popular hero’s in the Marvel Universe onto one team was a bit of a stretch for me. I like Daredevil as a lone agent.

1. Bucky Barnes (Captain America) – The idea of Killing Steve Rodgers was lame. It was quite possibly one of my least favorite moments in Comic Book History. But it only compounded my dissapointment when Bucky took up the mantle of Captain America and Joined the Avengers. Now to stop being Capt. and go back to being the Winter Soldier.


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